ANSP+ has got a legal status on the 10th/12/2010 with legal personality n° 133/08.11;

ANSP+ has important administrative documents like Statutes, Internal Rules and Regulations, Administrative and Financial Procedure Manual, a five years Strategic Plan 2015 – 2019 (being finalized), Financial Policy, Transport and Communication Policy, Human Resources Management Policy, Procurement Policy, Gender Policy, HIV Workplace Policy, Anti-sexual Harassment Policy, Environment Policy and Volunteer Policy;

Since 2014, ANSP+ has got funds from the Global Fund to coordinate activities of HIV prevention for its 70 cooperatives members countrywide;

  • In 2014, ANSP+ wined a national competition on basis of international standards at the 4th place out 182 local NGOs as competitors whose 45 local NGOs were only winners. It was a competition to benefit from funds of Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) under sponsorship of the UNDP and One UN. Consequently, ANSP+ is implementing a project of cultivation of Kitchen gardens with vegetables and cultivation of mushrooms in Nyagatare District with 191 beneficiaries;
  • ANSP+ wined a national competition to get funds from the Workforce Development Agency (WDA) on the 6th place out of 198 competitors local NGOs;
  • At the completion of the Pilot Project and with clear achievements and good quality of reporting, HIV-Sweden/MyRight/Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) extended its partnership with ANSP+ through a Long Term Project 2015 – 2017 executed in Nyagatare District;
  • Public sensitization campaigns were made during collective works like Umuganda, VUP, community meetings and more than 80,000 people were sensitized in HIV Prevention, Family Planning, nutrition, male circumcision. Moreover, door to door sensitization campaigns were conducted and more than 9,000 families were sensitized in HIV Prevention, Family Planning, nutrition and male circumcision.
  • ANSP+ transferred via Imirenge SACCOs more than 110,000,000Rwf as financial start up capitals to those self-helping groups for implementing their IGAs projects of cows farming, pigs farming, goats farming and chicken farming.


From 2013 to 2014, after conducting an Administrative Capacity Accessment (ACA) and Octagon Analysis to ANSP+ and after qualifying it as an active local NGO, HIV-Sweden/MyRight/Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) signed a grant agreement with ANSP+ and through a Pilot Project:

  • 2 cooperatives were trained in cooperative establishment and management. In addition, they were trained in income generating activities (IGAs) projects elaboration and execution.
  • ANSP+ transferred more 2,000,000Rwf as financial start up capitals to those cooperatives for implementing their IGAs projects of pigs farming, cultivation of maize and vegetables.
  • A Baseline Survey was conducted to the 2 cooperatives’ members to get a starting information on their socio-economic conditions.
  • In 2012, ANSP+ trained key population on HIV prevention with funds from ACCORD/Rwanda;
  • In 2011, ANSP+ implemented a project called Strengthening Civic Participation (SCP) under funds from Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC)/USAID;


From its creation in 2000 up to 2009, ANSP+ realized a range of different activities:

  • Home based care has started as a program implemented by PLWHIVA themselves to the seriously ill patients within homes through the Home based care Project funded by USAID with technical support from Impact Rwanda and Global Fund “Integrated VCT”;
  • Few materials have been produced such as a home based care Guidelines, pamphlets containing different messages related to HIV/AIDS and Trainers Manual on home based care for PLWHA;
  • ANSP+ has supported a group of homosexual in sensitising awareness of HIV/AIDS, and distributing to them Gel (Water based personal lubricant) with support from AIDES France;
  • More than 928 caregivers were trained in home based care activities;
  • 25 people were trained as national trainers in home based care activities;
  • 1856 Kits have been distributed to PLWHA support groups for HBC activities;
  • A monthly financial support was granted to 55 associations for home visits;
  • ANSP+ assisted 30 most vulnerable families from each of the 75 associations with “Mutuel de santé”;
  • ANSP+ has been able to train 164 leaders of the associations of PLWA in the area of management of income generating activities; and with support from UNDP twelve associations run different income generating activities;
  • ANSP+ has able to attend so many National and International meetings and Conferences concerned with HIV/ AIDS by a support from its different partners.
  • In partnership with “Projet Esther” and CHUK, 60 volunteers from 30 Associations of PLWHA and AIDS orphan support groups were trained in some counselling principles;
  • ANSP+ organised an advocacy campaign which aimed at fighting stigma and discrimination for people living with HIV/AIDS. This kind of activity will continue countrywide;
  • ANSP+ has been able to solicit a food support to its member associations for improvement of the nutritional status of people living with AIDS. Production of a video cassette containing positive faces, messages and testimonials of PLWA as a key strategy to HIV/AIDS prevention. Living message given by people living with AIDS within association, these messages help in increasing AIDS awareness and promote positive behaviour change toward HIV/AIDS prevention;
  • With Advocacy, ANSP+ has been able to mobilize funds in favour of 75 AIDS orphans for school fees and some school materials with support of WE-ACTx and AVSI;
  • A five year strategic plan has been made possible from IMBUTO FONDATION and UNICEF support;
  • With support of World Health Organisation (WHO), we have receive drugs such us aspirin and bactrims for opportunistic infections of PLWHA members of Associations;
  • Dispute resolution and counselling in Associations;
  • ANSP+ has sensitized and distributed the condoms in GICUMBI District, in five Sectors with support of ONG Forum;
  • ANSP+ has tested HIV in its office for 4,600 people of GASABO District with support of WE-ACTx. Those who are infected took the ARVs in WE-ACTx and  our Organisation  did home visit for them.