From 2015 up to now:

  • Workshops, trainings, sensitization campaigns on HIV prevention among Key Populations KPs), friendly service delivery to KPs, Human rights especially among KPs, Sexual reproductive health and rights; condom use, male circumcision, cooperative establishment, management, Income Generating Activities, etc. Thus, those sessions were delivered to more than 4500 Key Populations, 60 health care providers & health workers, 30 media professionals, 18 local authorities & other stakeholders.
    • 180 Key populations have trained in tailoring, handcrafting, pig farming, maize flour production business, agriculture businesses, etc;
    • Financial start-up capitals were transferred to KPs to run income generating activities.
    • 26 associations/cooperatives of Key Populations have been established;
  • The scientific framework of the abstract for research conducted on Key Populations by the ANSP+ was accepted by the Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) and a related research paper was accepted for publication in its scientific journal in 2017;
  • From 15 to 17 November 2017, ANSP+ hosted at Kigali a regional workshop on Human rights with an emphasis on Key populations and 7 countries were represented;  
  • ANSP+ has got a legal status on the 10th/12/2010 with legal personality n° 133/08.11;
  • ANSP+ has important administrative documents like Statutes, Internal Rules and Regulations, Administrative and Financial Procedure Manual, a five years Strategic Plan 2015 – 2019, Financial Policy, Transport and Communication Policy, Human Resources Management Policy, Procurement Policy, Gender Policy, HIV Workplace Policy, Anti-sexual Harassment Policy, Environment Policy and Volunteer Policy;
  • With capacity building from HIV/Sweden and FUG, ANSP+ wined a national competition on basis of international standards at the 4th place out 182 local NGOs as competitors whose 45 local NGOs were only winners.

It was a competition to benefit from funds of Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) under sponsorship of the UNDP and One UN. Consequently, ANSP+ is implementing a project of cultivation of Kitchen gardens with vegetables and cultivation of mushrooms in Nyagatare District with 191 beneficiaries;

  • ANSP+ wined a national competition to get funds from the Workforce Development Agency (WDA) on the 6th place out of 198 competitors local NGOs;