About Us


ANSP+ stands for “Association Nationale de Soutien aux Personnes vivant avec le VIH/SIDA”. It is a Rwandan local Non-Governmental Organisation created in September 2000 with thirty two (32) associations of people living with HIV and AIDS orphans in Rwanda. This association increased up to more than 164 association members in 2003. After Government policy of changing associations into cooperatives, ANSP+ has now 70 self-helping groups/cooperatives with around 5,324 persons all over the country. ANSP+ is a legally registered NGO in Rwanda with number of registration No. 133/08.11.


ANSP+ wants to become an active and model Non Governmental Organization (NGO)/ Civil Society Organization (CSO) whereby all target groups of beneficiaries grouped in self-reliant self-helping groups/ cooperatives will enjoy full and easy access to HIV preventive and treatment services with improved community fitness free from stigma and discrimination.


ANSP+ mission is to strive for the quality of life of those infected and directly affected by HIV/AIDS in Rwanda and fight against the spread of HIV.